Device Rewards are another passive way for you to earn more! Joining Device Rewards will push you up one Tier on Killi Paycheck. For example, if you are currently in the Pro Tier, joining Device Rewards will bump you to Elite. If you are currently in Elite, joining Device Rewards will bump you up to our new tier, All-Star, which will earn you 400 Killi Points per month!

What information will I be sharing?

You will be sharing information about your mobile device and names of currently installed popular apps as well as popular app names you will install in the future.

Examples of device info to be shared:

  • Device model

  • Device OS

  • Mobile service provider

  • IP address

What information will I NOT be sharing?

We will NOT be receiving login credentials OR in-app data (watch history on Netflix, who you’re friends with on Facebook, etc.)

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